Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Your Hairdo Should Fit You

Hello my beauties I hope you had a wonderful week. Today I would like to talk about being aware the what facial shapes you have. This is very important when it comes to hair styles that flatter you. Have you every seen anyone with a hair style that did not make them look good. Well today I will be giving you some tips on how to find your facial shape and what styles look the best with those faces. There are seven facial shapes oval, square, triangle, inverted triangle or heart, diamond, round, and oblong or rectangle. Everyone has one of these facial shapes. The way you find out what shape you have is by your hair line, jaw, and chin. Once you've figured out your facial shape you'll be able to see which styles will cover your unflattering areas and show you at your best.
Oval is known as the ideal shape.  The oval face shape is widest at the cheekbones, but not by much. It narrows a tiny bit at the jawline and at the forehead. The width of the forehead and the width of the jawline (corner to corner) is nearly equal.You can where any hairstyle short, long, curly, or straight. They all look great on a oval shape face.
Square and round faces are known as the most common. Nether of these faces narrow much at the forehead to the cheekbone and from the cheekbone to the jawline. Even the forehead may be squared off. The way to enhance a square face is to steer clear of blunt bangs, center parts, and blunt, jaw-length bobs. Try side-swept bangs, curl or waviness, and layers to bring softness to the angles of this face.
The triangle or pear shaped face is most narrow at the forehead, and widest at the jawline. The jawline may be angular or rounded. The triangle face shape is most complemented by short hairstyles that have volume at the top, crown, and/or temple areas. Curl and wave works well here. Avoid chin-length styles, particularly if the hair is straight. For longer styles, use short to medium layers to keep some volume up top that tapers toward the bottom. Also with longer lengths, the jaw will be best balanced with waves or curled-in layers rather than layers that flip outward.

Diamond shaped face is not as common. They are known by the narrow forehead and jawline, with the cheekbones being the widest point of the face. The cheekbones are often high and defined on this face shape. With a diamond face the goal is to add fullness or texture at the forehead and jawline, and to avoid fullness only at the cheekbone area. Short styles can work well on this face, but they should be shorter than ear-length and should include some sort of bangs. Center parts also tend to create an unbalanced look on this face. Along with short styles, chin-length and shoulder-length styles are also great choices.

The oblong face shape is rectangle and it has the same qualities as the square face but its longer. You should avoid center parts, no-bangs or slicked-back styles, chin-length styles with flat straight hair, and styles that add volume on top but not at the sides. The best styles for this face are full, curls or waved, and layers. Short and medium length styles look good on this face, like 'wedge' cuts and graduated bobs. Stick to these tips and you will always look your best in your styles. Remember my beauties to love yourselves and enhance your natural beauty with the right hairdo for you.

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