Wednesday, August 14, 2013

New Music: Marsha Ambrosius f/ Ne-Yo – ‘Without You’

Marsha Ambrosius ft. Ne-Yo - 'Without You'
I am excited for this new Marsha Ambrosius!
This fall, she will be releasing her sophomore album Friends & Lovers and she’s teasing the new LP with her second single, “Without You” featuring Ne-Yo.  On the track, she sings in a Prince-inspired falsetto about being all messed up and in her feelings while missing her old boo.
Meanwhile, Ne-Yo jumps in with a verse about how he knows he’s put her through hell so he understands why she cut his face out of all their pictures and mailed them to his new crib.  Zammn!
She cut my face out of every picture up in the crib
Put it in a box and sent that s–t to me
Where I now live
Dramatic s–t
But that’s always been her way
And what I liked about her
I sipped that Red straight up
And let that burn be a reminder of that fire
That I put you through
Suffering in hell that I did to you
Take a listen below:

This track is a gem!

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