Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Braids Are In Full Effect

Hello my beauties I hope you all had a wonderful week as I did. Today we will be talking about braids. Braiding is a concept solely introduced to the world by Africa as far back as 5867 BC. Africans used different braiding style to show a woman's status in the tribe to weather she was in mourning and they have been around every since. Once again braids are back in the forefront of the styling trends for 2013. You can see all types of new braided styles in every culture all over the Internet. From children to the elderly there are more and more new twists on the traditional braiding styles. It's amazing to see how my people are continuously influencing the world and it really feels good. Braids will never go out of style and you can always find a way to make your mark on a braiding style. Here are only a few ideas of how you can be bold and different with braids.


 So my beauties remember to love yourselves and try out some of the newest braiding styles. It's also totally ok to create some of your own. Until next time stay beautiful.

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