Friday, August 16, 2013

Amber Rose Prepares For Weekend Wedding

Amber Rose in West Hollywood
Get it right, get it tight!
Amber Rose has been in the gym with Jeanette Jenkins over the past few months in an effort to lose the baby weight, and it’ll all pay off when she finally walks down the aisle.   This week, she was snapped leaving a workout with a friend, just days ahead of her wedding which will take place this weekend.
Although she’s already technically married, (her and Wiz went to the courthouse in July), she’ll be able to enjoy her dream nuptials on Saturday with a wedding at a country club in Wiz’s hometown of Pittsburgh.  And we can’t wait to see that dress!
Yesterday, Amber posted a photo on Instagram of her dress arriving on a huge crane, in a box marked “Fragile.”  She captioned the photo, “My wedding dress… Yea, it’s that serious.”
Catch those pics below:
Amber Rose Instagrams Wedding Dress
What is in that crate? Is that thing being sent to MOMA afterwards?

Amber Rose Instagrams Wedding Dress 1
Can’t wait to see the pics!!

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