Friday, August 16, 2013

New Video: Luke James ft. Hit-Boy – ‘Oh God’

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A trifling chick is about to have Luke James catch a fade over her dirty dog ways in his latest video for “Oh God” featuring Hit-Boy.
Earlier in the week, the soulful singer dropped the mystery-styled visual for the newest track off of Whispers in the Dark where he sings about not being able to shake the feelings for his ex who left him high and dry. In the Sarah McColgan-directed video, Luke plays the loneliest man in the crowd of a high society party until he sees and falls for a wolf in sheep’s clothing. After sharing a hot and heavy moment, Luke tries his hardest to get away but she’s not having it, and they get caught by her man who takes the term ‘fighting for your woman’ very seriously.

Also make sure you catch Luke James interview with Concrete Loop. When asked about the difference between American fans and European fans, he responded:
Overseas is a bit more receptive. They’re very open as long as you came to do what you say you can do, they’re all about it. Over here, we’re a little bit harsh. You gotta damn near set yourself on fire to impress us [American fans].

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