Friday, August 16, 2013

Drake Believes He Won Feud With Common

Looking back on his feud with Common, Drake believes he “came away with the W.”

The rapper tells that he knew he’d won the war of words when Common took a shot at Drake’s mother and father on his remix to Rick Ross’s track “Stay Schemin’.” Drake explains that when the feud first started to heat up in 2011, it was the first time someone had called him out personally. He says he reacted “in a very poised way.” Apparently, he planned to respond on a song he knew would make it into the clubs because it would be “more painful than anything.” He also chose to have a more jovial tone instead of “sounding hurt or malicious.”
While the beef got rather heated, Drake says he respected some of Common’s barbs. In particular, Drake enjoyed when Common called him “Canada Dry” on the “Still Schemin’” remix. Drake says the line was “epic” and “funny.”
Who do you think won?
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