Friday, August 16, 2013

Raz B Catches a Bottle to the Face

Raz B
Former B2K member Raz B isn’t having the best of luck in China.
Just last year, he almost lost his hand after falling through a glass door, and just last night, he caught a bottle to the face.
According to TMZ, Raz booked a stage last night and just as he was finishing his show, a fight broke out in the crowd.  He leaped off the stage in an attempt to break up the fight and was struck dead in the face with a glass bottle.
SECURITY!!!!! Where’s security?
To make matters worse, although he allegedly didn’t instigate the fight, he was arrested with two other men and later released after proving he had nothing to do with the incident.  After he was released from jail,  he was taken to a nearby hospital where he was treated for injuries to the face.
On the bright side, he tells TMZ that the person who struck him has forked over $5,000 to pay for his medical expenses.  He also wrote the entertainment site to say:
F**k this s**t hurts. I have a f**king hole in my lip. Thank god I made it to the hospital.
As of now, he doesn’t plan on taking legal action but has hopes of returning to the US soon to focus on his music career.
Don’t call it a comeback!
via TMZ

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