Friday, May 23, 2014

Random Poetry...

We had everything and in the heat of the moment we lost it all.
Now we sitting here on the banks of the river on opposite sides trying to maintain some sort of connection.
Trying to mask any type of affection.
Hurt feelings and missed opportunities seem to be at the top of our minds.
Did we trade 20 for 80?
Was this all a mistake?
Is this just a dream.
The self preservation man in me says fuck it... Move on.
The freak in me says cease the moment.
And my heart man aches but refuses to feel.
This place is way too familiar and I promised myself I would NEVER come back.
But I'm sitting here looking like a looking ass nigga.
And you standing there like you bout to pull the trigga.
What good are a thousand compliments and pick up lines if it's not from the one.
But shit who is the one?
And how long will we last?
Will she have a fat ass?
Will her head game be on point?
Can I make her do the things she says she won't.
I have no regrets!
If I had to do it all over again I wouldn't change a thing.
When things ended I saw the real you.
You did the things I thought you wouldn't do.
Now you're in a class with the other two.
All of a sudden you know just what to do.
Yeah do that shit... I'm happy for you!
But I'm more happy about the opportunity to live life free and clear with no worries.
Im more happy about the possibility of falling in real love.
I'm waiting and watching for the mature woman that's going to propel me to the next level.
I'm happy about the house we'll buy.
I'm happy about the children we'll love and raise together.
I'm happy about the life I'm building now.

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