Friday, September 27, 2013

Corey Booker's Stripper Friend Yeah I'm Really Into Him

The stripper who's become a BIG issue in Cory Booker's political career told TMZ Live ... she's not a skanky dumb chick trying to fame whore ... she's an educated, smart woman who likes Booker's game and has a mad crush on him.

Lynsie Lee -- who appears with Hizzoner in a documentary film about Twitter -- but never met him --  peppered him with flirtatious tweets ... but says none of the tweets were ever targeted for public consumption.

Furthermore ... Lynsie -- who strips at a Vegan club in Portland -- scoffs at the news reports insinuating Cory is gay ... saying her dream is to one day become First Lady.

Gotta say ... she's a cool chick.  Check out the video and judge for yourself

Source: TMZ

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