Monday, June 3, 2013

New Music Kanye West Shares “Bound” Snippet from Upcoming Yeezus Album

Kanye West shared a snippet of “Bound” from his upcoming album "Yeezus"his sixth studio LP.

Kanye  West knows how to get our attention. The big homie took to his website and released a snippet of his upcoming album “Yeezus”.
Check it out:
Kanye West announced and confirmed that the rumors surrounding the odd-looking album packaging for “Yeezus” revealed by DJ Semtex. It looks like nothings there. It is so simple that we know the album is going to be off the CHAIN.
Like I said before the homie knows how to get our attention.
Check out the art work below:
The snippet of “Bound” sounds very reminiscent of “OTIS”. It has an old school doo wop/bee bop sound. We can’t wait to hear the track in its entirety.
Summer 2013 looks to be an amazing time for Kanye. He has a new album and a new baby on the way.
I can confidently say that June 18, 2013 I will be downloading “Yeezus” to my iTunes account.
What do you think of the “Bound” snippet and “Yeezus” artwork?
Leave your comments below.
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